1200i Series

The designers Blum & Balle, together with the designers Harrit & Sørensen fulfilled the ambitions of creating a simple functionality of this dynamic office chair series.

“We wanted to give the chairs in the RBM 1200i series an expression as a dynamic piece of furniture with accessible options and a weight control. In addition to being new and innovative it is also easy to read and understand. You can instantly adjust the chair to what your needs are precisely now. If you need a better lumbar support, just pull back towards you! If you want backrest higher up simply lift the back up. If you lean backwards and thus sit comfortably resting just move the ” planets “and if you place the headrest in your head you can take a little power nap”


Design Team: Harrit & Sørensen A/S and Blum & Balle A/S for RBM Furniture