“Quiet is better than loud”

What we do

RUNE BALLE DESIGN has delivered award-winning, innovative solutions in industrial design. Our practice has delivered a wide range of innovative technical solutions for the industry, as well as beautifully designed products for the private consumer. We solve tasks that require a combination of solid knowledge of materials, trends, aesthetics and what is salable, combined with technical knowledge and strong skills in construction. We work with you throughout the entire design process, from research of concept development, design and construction, to the realization of the finished product.

How we work

We continue to develop new innovative products, as well as optimizing existing products so that they’re up to date in relation to technology and expression. We outline with chalk, pen and paper, and we work with SolidWorks as well, which is state-of-the-art in CAD software. The program can generate the required drawing documentation, as well as communicate directly with industrial production facilities. We can provide photorealistic renderings – and our work includes models, mock-ups and prototypes. For example in the form of 3D prints - depending on the nature of the task and requirements.

Cooperation and network

We always ensure that the working method and process is streamlined with the nature of the task and implemented so that the right solution is achieved as soon as possible while keeping it at a competitive Price. Our practice has a broad network of fixed and reputable partners, for example, plastics engineers, human factor specialists, architects, builders, etc.

Please contact Rune Balle for further information or an informal chat.

Model workshop

The Model workshop is located in Odsherred outside Copenhagen.