Contour 862 M1 Car Seat

M1 quality seat – creating more room

The Jany 862 range is luxurious M1 seats, with a seat cushion that can be folded up and turned towards the wall to create extra space in the vehicle. When folded up, the seat only takes up approx. 24 cm in the cabin measured from the wall. The seat has an adjustable back, fold-up seat, integrated headrest and 3 point seat belt.  All Jany 862 seats can be fitted with adjustable armrests and a swivel. Flexible system

The seats can be fitted on Be-Ge Jany’s flexible fully compliant Twinplate floor system or on a stylish wheel box from Jany.  Seat variations: Jany 862 Jany 862 Contour Jany 862 Seamless.

Designed by Henrik Blum & Rune Balle / Blum & Balle A/S for Jany A/S