Kompis Student Chair

All Danish children have a chair and a table to sit by. But not everyone is sitting well.

Throughout the times there have been many bids on the correct seat position. As school and education change, there is also much more awareness and knowledge about the children’s physical environment. A very significant part of this environment is flexible school furniture that helps to ensure physical and mental well-being at school. Today, nobody is in doubt about the importance of the surroundings for concentration and motivation. And everyone agrees that there is no unique solution for the correct seat position.

It does not exist. The crucial to a true sitting position is that the furniture is flexible and suitable for the individual student. With a flexible chair, the possibility of varying the pupil’s sitting and work movements is given, thus enhancing well-being and concentration.

Kompis chair is designet by Henrik Blum & Rune Balle / Blum & Balle A/S – see the folder here