Red Dot Design Award

It is a team of 40 design experts who for 3 days review the many submitted products for the Red Dot Design Award to find the best products in three categories in the year. Since 1955 For three days, a team of 40 design experts will be presenting the many submitted products to the Red Dot Award to find the best of the year in three categories. Since 1955, a Red Dot Award has been equivalent to a quality stamp in an industry with extremely strong competition and thousands of delicious design products. Look more at Red Dot


Design For The People

Design For The People is for all who appreciate classic as well as innovative lighting design. We are guided by our vision to create design products at a price that everyone can afford. Design with a Nordic twist, intended for people worldwide. Therefore, we invest in the form and functionality of each and every design we produce, just as we think about people and the environment in connection with each and every solution.

We reciewed the Red Dot Award for the STRAP Pendant. Designet by Christian Bjørn and Rune Balle under the name Bjørn+Balle for Nordlux